Material for Sphinx

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This theme provides a responsive Material Design theme for Sphinx documentation. It derives heavily from Material for MkDocs , and also uses code from Guzzle Sphinx Theme .


Material for Sphinx is a work in progress. While I believe that it is ready for use, there are a number of important limitation. The most important it to improve the CSS generation to use SASS . It uses some python to modify Sphinx output, which is not ideal.

The other issues are:

  • improving the documentation;

  • providing examples;

  • sidebar customization;

  • improving the search box; and

  • ensuring that all Sphinx blocks work as intended.

You can see how it works on statsmodels .

Getting Started

Install from git

pip install git+

Update your with the required changes:

html_theme = 'sphinx_symbiflow_theme'

There are a lot more ways to customize this theme. See Customization or theme.conf for more details.

html_theme = 'sphinx_symbiflow_theme'

# Material theme options (see theme.conf for more information)
html_theme_options = {

    # Set the name of the project to appear in the navigation.
    'nav_title': 'Project Name',

    # Set you GA account ID to enable tracking
    'google_analytics_account': 'UA-XXXXX',

    # Specify a base_url used to generate sitemap.xml. If not
    # specified, then no sitemap will be built.
    'base_url': '',

    # Set the color and the accent color
    'color_primary': 'deep-purple',
    'color_accent': 'indigo',

    # Set the repo location to get a badge with stats
    'github_url': '',
    'repo_name': 'Project',

    # Visible levels of the global TOC; -1 means unlimited
    'globaltoc_depth': 3,
    # If False, expand all TOC entries
    'globaltoc_collapse': False,
    # If True, show hidden TOC entries
    'globaltoc_includehidden': False,

Changes and License